Silver’s Lack of People Skills

  Kris - Silver’s ex-girlfriend. It’s complicated.

 Leaf -  She’s the closest person to him, and their bond and relationship is rather special in nature and to Silver. Leaf offered a helping hand to Silver when he found himself without a home or anyone else to rely on. At first he was rather hostile towards her, as he is with most people in his early teens, but the beautiful girl simply wasn’t a person he could forget about. Her kindness and bright smile was the only light he had for a long time, and he will forever appreciate what she represents and what she had done for him. For that reason, he cares about her very much, and hates to see her cry. Silver easily slips into the role of her protector despite the fact that she’s older than him, and is obviously very protective of her. Leaf is the first person he’s ever opened up to, and his walls will always fall around her, subconsciously or not. And even though she claims to be like his sister, Silver is still very aware of the fact that she isn’t, so at times he might get uncomfortable with her display’s of affection. Leaf’s a beautiful woman, after all. He’s not blind to that.

 Gold - Silver’s rival. He’d never admit it, but Gold is his best friend and he regards him very highly. Silver secretly thinks he’s a better person than he could even try to be. Gold is the hero of any story, and Silver… is just the pariah. And though that distinct difference is ever present in Silver’s mind, Gold is still his best ally. They often clashed when they first met, and they still do, but deep down, they’re bro’s. Gold is very much an important influence on the events that sparked Silver’s change, and though Silver is quick to insult Gold, he does care. He’s just not that great at expressing it. Because parts of Gold are still damn annoying.

 Giovanni - Silver’s father. Silver holds a lot of rancor towards him, and refuses to speak to the man unless if absolutely necessary. Giovanni used to be something like a hero to Silver, someone he truly adored despite the neglect Giovanni subjected him to. But that was before his abandonment. Since then, Silver has a lot of issues with his father, and at this time he is unsure if he’ll ever forgive him. In his eyes, Giovanni is nothing but a coward.

 Archer - Though Silver will never admit it outloud at this age, is someone he holds in very high regard. Taking the role of something in between an older brother and a father figure for him, he was one of his favorite people to be around as a child. Archer was his primary caretaker, so Silver tried to be a lot like him in his early years, even though he very much acted like a brat at times around Archer. But what else would you expect from the sole heir to Team Rocket? From his early years, Silver already labeled Archer as one of the most reliable people around him, and now it’s not that much different. Silver is just slightly suspicious of him. As a side-effect of being one of the few constant figures in his young life, Silver jokingly believes Archer to be positively ancient. 

 Ariana -Silver’s mother; except he doesn’t know it. Ariana has always been an enigma to Silver, and it’s only been made worse as of her latest return. While he was growing up, she was somewhat cold and distant. But she was somewhat present during his upbringing, a familiar face. He never stopped to think about the strong resemblance between them; it was something he had simply acknowledged and shrugged off very early in his young toddler years. At the moment, he’s not entirely sure what to think of her. What he is sure of if that she makes him uneasy, and throws him into confusion. 

 Lyra - Silver genuinely likes Lyra. Though he might not like the blind faith she puts in him, a part of him is still very much touched by it. Lyra sets him at ease, and though he might not show it with actions or with his words, he’s okay with her hanging around. Someone that chipper and carefree is good for him to be around. He’ll go out of his way to make sure she’s doing alright, because in all honesty, he thinks she’s someone who needs to be looked after. 

 Touko - Is irritating, and just about the most insane woman he’s met. They are always arguing and Silver is always giving her snark. Silver’s not above whacking her, or stepping on her, or hitting her really. (Though in his defense, he never really hurts her. It’s more like play fighting if that makes any sense.)He’s not exactly sure how to act around her when they’re not arguing, and quite frankly, he’d prefer that their relationship remain that way. One of seemingly mutual dislike. Silver might not care to admit it, but they’re actually friends. In their very weird, and hostile way.

 Jasmine - Many years ago, when Silver was in the beginnings of his journey as a trainer, he saved the life of a girl he hardly even knew. That girl was Jasmine. Sure, he didn’t take credit for anything, or formally met her until he later challenged her gym, but her softness is something that stood out to him. He’s still not entirely comfortable with the manner she’s able to read him, but he’s grateful for her silent support, and tries to keep her safe out in return. They might not be very close, or at all, but he’s protective of her all the same.

  Whitney & Misty - Two women who Silver had sexual encounters with in an effort to forget about Kris when he was convinced he shouldn’t pursue her. Misty was a rather brief and purely carnal instance. Whitney on the other hand, is actually a bit more complicated. Sure, what attracted him to her was mostly physical, and he was planning to keep her around mostly because she is rather good in bed. Plus, the manner in which she tried to argue with him was just too amusing. However, parts of her personality reminded him too much of Kris. So he immediately dropped her like a rock. Silver is entirely casual about his past with both women, and for whatever reason, likes to taunt Whitney about it. In the back of his mind he still acknowledges both as very attractive, but as far as he’s concerned, that chapter of his life is closed.

 Fucktard Black - Silver hates his guts. It’s as simple as that. They’re gotten into a few fist fights before, and at this point, Silver won’t warn him before he throws the first punch. Basically, he should just crawl into a ditch and die. Painfully.

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